Cloud b Twilight Turtle and Tranquil Turtle Make Bedtime Bliss!

Cloud b Twilight Turtle and Tranquil Turtle Make Bedtime Bliss!

cloudb9When we switched our twin boys from cribs to toddler beds at age 2, we found they were suddenly afraid of dark. I think it had a lot to do with losing the enclosed, “safe zone” feeling of the crib and moving to an open space where they could come and go as they pleased. Once the lights went out, the uneasiness would set in. My boys had always slept great in an almost pitch-black room, so I was at a loss on to how to ease their worries at bedtime. I bought them each a nightlight, which helped, but they were still uneasy.

Enter the Cloudb Turtles! The Twilight Turtle and the Tranquil Turtle were the missing pieces of the puzzle to get my boys back in the bedtime routine. Each boy loved having his own special turtle and I would definitely get two if you have twins because they will fight over one because they are just that cool! Each turtle has simple buttons that even young children will learn quickly to use on their own.

cloudb1The Twilight Turtle (retail $32.95) is a plush doll with a hard plastic shell that projects stars and a moon on the ceiling! So cool! You can switch between green, blue, and a soft amber light (this is the least bright setting; good for those middle of the night wakeups), or you can hit the setting to have the turtle transition to a new color every 10 seconds.

The Twilight Turtle shuts off automatically after 45 minutes so you don’t have to worry about the batteries running out after 2 days. The stars that are projected are modeled after real constellations and the turtle comes with a cool constellation guide, to wow your budding astronomer!

cloudb3The Tranquil Turtle (retail $56.95) is a multi-sensory plush doll, also with a hard plastic shell, that projects light and plays sound. The light is really awesome — it projects on to the ceiling to look like you’re underwater! I can compare it to the glow of the ocean surface when I went snorkeling on vacation. It’s just so calming and soothing — I wish I had one of my own in my room! LOL! You can adjust the settings for brightness and movement of the waves.

The Tranquil Turtle also offers the choice of 2 sounds, ocean waves or a soothing tranquil melody that reminds me of the music they play at the spa! (Again, why don’t I have one of these for my room??) The volume is also adjustable, which is great for when one twin wakes up at 2 am and you don’t want the other twin to wake up too, you just put it on the quietest setting. The brilliance of this product is that the light and sound work independently so you don’t have to have both going at once if you don’t want to. The 23 minute auto-timer ensures complete darkness and silence during child’s deep sleep.


Our boys are in love with these turtles and they won’t go to sleep without them, even after several months of use. Their fears of the dark were completely washed away and bedtime has become a LOT smoother. I can tell these will be cherished toys for many years to come.

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