The Risk Was Worth The Reward: Nat’s Reflections on the 2nd Anniversary of Her Book

Nat's reflections on the anniversary of her books

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the release of Nat’s book, “What To Do When You’re Having Two” and we’re celebrating by sharing an article from Nat on her reflections on taking such a huge risk and it paying off!

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Thank you all so much for the support you’ve shown Nat, her book, and Twiniversity over the years! We do it all for you and we’re thrilled to see the impact we’ve made!

And now, a few words from Nat…

Natalie Diaz and her twins

Natalie Diaz and her twins, Johnny and Anna

Once upon a time when I was a little girl I used to tell everybody that I wanted to be a lawyer. I would see commercials with personal injury attorneys trying to get car accident victims to hire them and I thought that would be the perfect career. My family encouraged this occupation, considering that my favorite sport has always been to argue.

As I grew older the thought of becoming a lawyer seemed stifling. So many years of school, and could I really help all those people? What if I didn’t win a case? What if I let my clients down? Believe it or not, that led me to start thinking about another career in high school. I took a trip abroad in my senior year of high school. It was the first time that I left the United States. Even though I’m born and raised in New York City, I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life here on this tiny island of Manhattan. We didn’t really travel much with the exception of a rare family trip to Maryland or the Carolinas.

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When I got to experience what the rest of the world was like I got the travel bug. That gave me the drive and focus to pursue a career in travel. I got my dream job while still in college with an African Tour operator, Park East Tours. Working there for many years and literally seeing the world opened my eyes to everything that lied beyond my tiny island of Manhattan. It inspired me. It motivated me. I felt this urge and a much larger purpose to help people. Unfortunately for me, the company moved down to Alabama and I lost my job, but not my motivation to help people.

Being out of work it seemed like the perfect time to have a kid. LOL! So my husband and I started trying and after five years of unsuccessful attempts we ended up going through IVF, and surprise: twins! But you guys knew that part of the story.


When the twins were a few months old I started volunteering for the Manhattan Twins Club. I loved giving support to families that needed it and I was enjoying using my skills at organizing events to get moms of twins together to commiserate and have fun. It was at one meeting of the Manhattan Twins Club, after I had been volunteering for over 500 hours a year for over five years, that one mom said, “You should write a book.” And the rest, as they say, is history. I went home that night and wrote an outline of the chapters, and it’s the actual table of contents I used in the book. I based the chapters on the most popular topics that had come up during our twins club meetings and now what are the sections of my expecting twins classes in Manhattan and across the country.

There’s much more to the story as you can imagine, but as you could see, I’m not an author. I call myself an author because it’s what people can most easily understand. But I didn’t grow up and say I want to be a writer. I didn’t grow up with the great American novel already written in my head. I was way into my adulthood and I had never even thought about writing a book until that one mom brought it up. Sometimes I meet older moms who “knew me when” and they say they should write a book because they feel that they have even more experience than I do, and I usually respond “you should!” If I can do it, so can you.

So 16,000+ copies later, and “What To Do When You’re Having Two” is now in its 7th reprint, I guess you could call me an author. A bestselling author as a matter of fact. We are consistently the bestselling twins book on Amazon! (Woohoo!!!)



Besides the book, look at our website! I would’ve never thought in a billion years that we would reach the people we do. We reach countries like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Azerbaijan, and our website is translated into dozens of languages like Hindi, Japanese, and Swahili. Im not kidding. Thanks to google analytics we can see all this and more. It blows my mind to think that these words that I am literally writing now will be translated into those languages and will reach people in those countries. Absolutely mind blowing!

The moral of the story is that you can’t predict what’s going to happen next. I’m sure many of you will never even imagined that you would have twins. I know I didn’t. I would’ve never imagined that I would write a book. Seriously, if you see how much editing I need you would be shocked. Ask Julie. (Editor’s note: I basically rewrote this entire article. -Julie) (Writer’s note to Julie’s Editor’s note: In my defense, I “speak” all my articles and send em to Julie who is insanely talented at translating what Siri thought I said.)

So no matter what age you are, what life stage you are, good things are up ahead. You just have to be willing to take the chance and follow through. Sure, not everything is going to work out, but it’s worth a try isn’t it?

I am so lucky — so lucky — that I wasn’t alone in thinking that Twiniversity was a good idea. And I’m so glad that I took the risk and started writing about my experience as a twin mom. Although, I’ll tell you the truth: There were a lot of people who said, “Who would want to read about that?” Apparently they were wrong. All of you want to read about that.

 – Natalie Diaz, Twiniversity founder and AUTHOR 🙂 

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