What Should I Do if My Induction Isn’t Going As Planned?


A MoM-to-be recently asked:

I was 39 weeks 6 days pregnant with twins as of last Wednesday. My doctor attempted an induction, which failed, as I wasn’t going into active labor. Both babies are head down so my doctor was trying to avoid a C-Section. I was sent home to “labor at home” which never happened. I’m now 40 weeks 2 days with no contractions whatsoever. Trying to see if anyone has gone past 40 weeks? Or should I just go ahead with a C-Section? The horror stories about going past 40 weeks with twins are really getting to me.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM TWINIVERSITY FOUNDER NATALIE DIAZ: Hi Mama. First of all, I’m glad your pregnancy has gone along so wonderfully that the docs aren’t concerned at all. I typically would say “Do what your doc says.” However if your internal alarms are going off, I would go to the hospital. Is there any chance they had your due date wrong? Sometimes that’s a possibility. In my professional life, there aren’t many moms who go past 40 weeks (unless they’ve had multiple pregnancies with the same doctor who “knows” that mom’s body, but even then, they don’t push it.) If you are worried, get a second opinion. Get one TODAY! Go to Labor & Delivery and just get checked out. I would never encourage you to do anything you don’t want to do, but I will tell you to trust your gut. Without listening to the stories online, how do you FEEL? Go get yourself peace of mind if you need it. (I kinda want you to for my own peace of mind, LOL.) Keep us posted. We are cheering for you.

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– My doctor wouldn’t let us go past 38 weeks. That being said I went into labor at 33 weeks. The point of this is I had an emergency c-section and was terrified of the surgery. The c-section was SO easy for me! I was up walking around the next morning and the pain was so tolerable. You can’t even see my scar very much anymore and it’s only been 3 months! I actually preferred the c-section over my vaginal delivery. Go for the c-section and get those babies out safely!

– Obviously everyone is shocked you are “allowed” to still be pregnant. But I say fantastic! Go as long as your body will let you. I think a C-Section is much harder than natural labor, especially with 2 babies head down.

– My doctor didn’t want me to go past 38 weeks. We had already scheduled a c section due to one of my girls being head up. The other turned and was then head up so I didn’t really have a choice. If you can not labor I think a C-Section would be best at this point. Honestly I was in the hospital 4 days and I was off my pain medication on day 2. My delivery was pretty smooth and easy.

– It’s great to hear that your doctor is not pressuring you into to an early induction or a C-Section! We need more providers who recognize women’s rights as a patient to make informed choices about their care.

– I was induced at 37 weeks and was in labor for 23 hours before committing to C-Section since I wasn’t progressing. I was against having a C-Section but the recovery was so easy looking back and I had nothing to be afraid of.


– I, too, had a failed induction. I went back 4 days later and the induction was successful. They were born at 39 and 2. The second trip I was told I’d be going home with the babies and if that meant C-Section, so be it. The path report on the placentas was largely unremarkable with no calcification.

– Sometimes with twin pregnancies the uterus gets so stretched out with two babies that it becomes distended and cannot contract to push the babies out. Usually in that case a C-Section is the quickest alternative because of how far along the pregnancy is. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it can get with 40 week twins. Hopefully you meet your little ones soon!!

– Maybe try natural induction with an acupuncturist who specializes in women’s health.

– Went in for induction at 38 weeks with my di/di boys. Pitocin didn’t work. I was given the option to go home for a day or try Cytotec. If the Cytotec didn’t work I would have to have a C-Section, which I didn’t want. Baby A was head down but B was transverse. Cytotec worked and it took awhile to get Baby B in position but delivered both vaginally. Sounds like you have a cervix of steel like me.

– Go for the C-Section if the doctor recommends. Twins past 40 run risks with the placenta(s) not performing and that freaks me out way more than a quick surgery.


– Every woman is different! I had a scheduled C-Section at 38 weeks 2 days with identical twins because I never went into labor and Baby B was transverse.

– Go with your gut and try for the delivery you’re most comfortable with!

– C-Section isn’t bad if it means your babies safe delivery. I would go with the C-Section just because going past 40 weeks with just one is risky. It’s scary, but after it’s done and you can hold them it’s worth it.

– My high risk doctor wouldn’t let me go past 38 weeks, and it sounds like you already know all the reasons why. I personally would ask for a C-Section. The recovery isn’t as bad as all the risks and worrying about them, too.

– I think a C-Section is safest. Doctors know what to expect and what if any complications could arise and how to handle them quicker. I’ve had two C-Sections and I think recovery was fairly easy!

– I wasn’t allowed to past 37 weeks. I’m surprised they let you go this long. You should probably do a C-Section at this point to make sure you and babies end up okay.

– I say depends on what the doctor thinks. Keep in mind, due dates are an estimate and it really depends on how much fluid the babies both have. If they are growing at a relatively normal rate AND they have fluid, just wait and see. A vaginal delivery is easier than a C-Section in my opinion.


– I can’t believe your doctor let you go past 38 weeks. There’s a higher risk after 38 weeks. I’d get C-Section for sure.

– Gestation length is variable for all women. Term is considered 39-42 weeks for all babies. It has only become common practice for doctors to induce for multiples even though it is not always warranted.

– I say take them out and meet them! They are more than ready!

– Try swimming. The buoyancy of the water may help.

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What Should I Do if My Induction Isn’t Going As Planned?

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What Should I Do if My Induction Isn’t Going As Planned?

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