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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Pregnancy Stories to Get You Ready for Delivery

Twin Pregnancy Stories to Get You Ready for Delivery

Twin Pregnancy Stories to Get You Ready for Delivery

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 10:06 am

We’ve compiled dozens of twin pregnancy and delivery stories from our community of twin moms to help you get better prepared for your twin pregnancy! We have been there, done that, and we know how scary it can be trying to get through a twin pregnancy, which in general are more stressful and physically difficult than singleton pregnancies.

We were surprised to learn just how many moms had a totally normal pregnancy and delivery. The stories below will help put your mind at ease, but also give you a heads up on some complications that could arise. At Twiniversity we believe that knowledge is power and if you know the symptoms to look out for when something is going wrong, then you have the power to catch it early. Early detection of common twin pregnancy problems — such as preeclampsia and preterm labor — can make a HUGE difference in helping you make it as far as possible in your twin pregnancy.

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Twin Pregnancy Stories That Will Ease Your Mind

I was extremely fortunate to have a great pregnancy. Other than terrible swelling of my legs and feet, in the end, I had no complications. I delivered boy/girl twins via scheduled c-section at 38 weeks and 2 days. Both babies were breech so it was the safest option. My c-section was also very easy. By 4 days after surgery, I was back to normal, and at 3 weeks postpartum today I have lost double the weight I gained during pregnancy! I could not have been luckier with my experience!

My pregnancy was surprisingly easy. I didn’t have much morning sickness and was able to continue exercising until I was 30 weeks. I did develop PUPPPs rash 4 days before I went into labor. I delivered my babies a week before their scheduled arrival at 36 weeks 4 days by c-section. They were able to stay with me in my room and had no NICU time, but they needed a little extra help with feeding overnight. My recovery was easy and I owe that to being active as long as I was. I was able to shower the day after surgery, and stopped taking all pain meds within 5 days. They are now 10 weeks and are doing amazing.

The pregnancy was great. I was out of breath when walking after about 12 weeks or so. It was an absolute shock to find out it was twins!! Definitely had swollen ankles. I had no idea I was in labor for a day and a half. I didn’t feel contractions, just lots of back pain. I went to the doctor who said I was completely effaced, and 5 cm dilated. My water was about to break. The c-section went super smoothly. The hospital staff was terrific! I would have the c-section and hospital stay again in a heartbeat if I needed to. Now I have 2 beautiful girls.

Very easy in the beginning, hard third trimester, with high blood pressure and bed rest. At 36 weeks I was induced. I tried for a vaginal birth but after a 32-hour labor, I was taken in for a c-section. My hips never fully moved wide enough to allow for a vaginal birth. Twin B was breech. Both girls were under 5 lbs but extremely healthy and needed no NICU time. Both are very healthy now, hitting every milestone.

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Twin Pregnancy Stories That Will Help You Commiserate

My first twin pregnancy was rough. I was pretty unhealthy, lots of complications, swelling, diabetes, carpal tunnel, contractions from 24 weeks on. Delivered at 36+2 for high blood pressure. C-section was bad and I almost had to have a hysterectomy. I was in recovery for 4 hours and barely remember holding my babies for the first time. My second set of twins was SO MUCH BETTER! I was super healthy, worked out till 34 weeks. My only complication was gestational diabetes (controlled with diet). And I carried them till my water broke the day before my scheduled section at 37+6. The c-section was completely different. I was up & chatting with nurses almost immediately. No NICU for any of them so that was a relief.

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Terrible. The first 12 weeks I didn’t know I was having twins. Those 12 weeks I lost 30 lbs because I couldn’t eat, threw up at least twice a day, water even made me nauseous. Then after that subsided the remaining weeks were full of terrible body aches, having to sit down all the time because I couldn’t breathe, lack of sleep, a butt or head or something always up high hurting me, swollen feet, and bad heartburn (most of these were daily). But at least I was able to eat after the first 3 months! My twins made me never want another pregnancy of any kind.

I had terrible morning sickness, but I survived. Then at my anatomy scan, I was informed that my baby B’s heart needed to be looked at. 24 weeks he was diagnosed with a critical CHD. The remaining weeks were spent focused on him growing and monitoring him closely. 37 weeks there was a 1 lb difference between him and his sister and I was induced. 14-hour induction, super easy vaginal delivery, healthy baby girl, open heart surgery for my son at 5 days old. They celebrated their 7th birthday on 12/4.

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Twin Pregnancy Stories That Ended a Little Early

I felt fine the whole time. But evidently, around 26 weeks, I went into preterm labor. I wouldn’t have known anything was wrong if we didn’t go in for our check-up. So I was on bed rest until I had them at 32 weeks. It was the smoothest, easiest birth ever. I had them both vaginally. 30 mins for the whole thing, tops. The longest part was waiting for baby B to come down into the birth canal, which is why they’re 13 mins apart.

Super boring textbook pregnancy. No high blood pressure, swelling, etc. Some discomfort at the end obviously and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. Induced at 37 weeks and had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery of di/di boys, each over 5 lbs. Nothing exciting to report!

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I have a rare heart condition (CCTGA) and was monitored closely during pregnancy. My water broke at 34 weeks and after 12 hours of labor baby A was stuck and I ended up having a c-section. Our boys needed extra help and spent 15 days and 18 days in the hospital. My heart could not handle the added fluid from the c-section and one week later I went into congestive heart failure. They drained 20 lbs of fluid in 3 days and an additional 20 came off within the next month. My heart has done well enough for my condition, but we chose to complete our family with adoption as my heart could not cope with the stress again.

Easy pregnancy. No sickness, no back pain, just gained a lot of weight and my skin became super itchy (not PUPPS, just the actual skin stretching to accommodate two babies.) I was closely monitored during my entire pregnancy with visits to my regular OB and then the MFM specialist. I made it to 38 weeks and had to be induced. Thanks to my rockstar doctor, I delivered both vaginally (with Baby B being delivered breech) after almost 6 hours of pushing. I took ALL of the drugs that were offered to me. My birth was very clinical. The hospital protocol was to have the delivery in the OR with a huge team of doctors and nurses present just in case there were complications. It was not the more intimate birth I would have preferred, but who cares in the end? Babies were happy and healthy. The female body can do some amazing things.

I had horrible morning sickness in the first trimester, so bad I popped blood vessels in my face. The rest of my pregnancy was smooth sailing. Delivered 39 weeks 3 days, vaginal delivery. My son born at 9:30 pm and my daughter born at 12:14 am so they have different birthdays. They both were 7lb 1oz.

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I was very lucky to have a healthy pregnancy. I was just uncomfortable because I got big very quickly. But the pregnancy was healthy. No issues. My labor and delivery were pretty easy. I was in labor for about 6 hours and pushed for 1 hour, delivered two healthy babies vaginally. They were little at birth and spent 6 days in the NICU to ensure they were eating properly and gaining weight.

The first 4 months were pure hell! I had hyperemesis so I lost 40 pounds. Then from 5 months on it was an easy pregnancy, better than my singleton. I went into labor at 37 weeks. I labored at home for about 5 hours, went to the hospital, was 5 cm, then 2 hours later I vaginally delivered baby A and then baby B ended up being an emergency c-section. No NICU time. Baby a was 5 lbs 5 oz, baby B was 6 lbs 6 oz.

My twin pregnancy wasn’t bad at all except for all the swelling and going into labor 6 weeks early. My birth on the other hand was super hard. I had both boys vaginally. Baby A came out very easy but as soon as baby A was out baby B decided to flip so the doc was elbow deep trying to keep his head down and pull him out. Worst pain ever.

My pregnancy was really rough. Horrible morning sickness through 20 weeks. About 4 months in I developed symphysis pubis dysfunction that made it almost impossible to get around, get up from my bed/a chair, walk, sleep, etc. It was super painful. I had Braxton Hicks frequently from 16 weeks on. I delivered both vaginally at 38 weeks (Baby A was head down, Baby B was breech), 8 minutes apart and they were each just under 7 lbs.

I developed symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), sleep apnea, and acid reflux so terrible that it was causing me to wake up violently choking and gasping for air. I sat up in a recliner the last few months of pregnancy with little to no sleep every night. It was terrible, but I made it 38 weeks + 5 days, and thankfully we had no time in the NICU. My doctor kept pushing me along, even when I felt like I was literally going to tear apart. Our bodies are truly amazing what they can endure. The pain, wear and tear. We know it could have been worse. Baby A was transverse, then breach the entire time, so a c-section is how they were delivered.

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Twin Pregnancy Stories That May Shock You

Everything was fine until the 4th month when baby A decided to lay on the main nerve in my right leg and put my leg to sleep. So my right leg was in severe pain; that feeling of needles all over 24/7 for the rest of the pregnancy. It was awful and the doctor was unable to do anything to relieve it.

The First trimester I was sick as a dog with nausea! The second trimester was pure bliss. I felt awesome and ate everything in sight to make up for not eating hardly anything in the first trimester. The third trimester was super gnarly because I was pretty humongous and swollen. Delivered mine via c-section at 38 weeks, and all went well!

Boy/girl twins, vaginal birth at 39 weeks 3 days. I had a lot of swelling and sinus issues but no bed rest, no blood pressure issues. Went home after 2 days in the hospital. They’ll be 5 this month!

Besides being huge early on, it was a pretty easy pregnancy. Never sick. No complications. Went all the way to 38 weeks. Delivered via c section-two happy and healthy baby girls! Each over 6 lbs with no time spent in NICU.

I had nausea for the first 13 weeks. Not terrible but threw up once a day. Everything else was perfect until about 20 weeks. Carpal tunnel, constant stuffy nose, nose bleeds, heartburn so bad that it made me throw up a few times, Braxton Hicks started at about 23 weeks and swelling. I was put on bed rest at 29 weeks for early labor signs. Braxton Hicks got so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. Delivered via c-section at 36 weeks because of the marginal cord insertion on one of my girls. Their weights were starting to separate quite a bit. I delivered two healthy baby girls with no time in the NICU. It was all worth it.

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Twin Pregnancy Stories That Are Wonderfully Boring

I had a pretty easy twin pregnancy. I was first diagnosed with mono-mono twins at 8 weeks and was put on immediate bed rest. Then at 15 weeks, we were told they were mono-di so I was able to be off of bed rest and continued working out. I had preterm labor at 32 weeks which was stopped with medication. I went into labor again at 36 weeks and it stopped on its own. Induced at 37+2 weeks and delivered vaginally and found out the girls were actually mono-mono twins! Their cords were severely knotted and tangled. My OB was shocked. But we had no NICU time. The girls were 6lbs 14oz and 6lbs 5oz. They’re now 2 years old. I did have some swelling towards the end from being up and about with my oldest and only had little nausea at the beginning.

I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy! I was horribly nauseated the first trimester but no other problems. I had a planned repeat c-section at 38 weeks 2 days because both of my boys were transverse and comfy. They were 6 pounds 10 oz and 7 pounds even.

Pregnancy was thankfully uneventful, just uncomfortable when swelling and carpal tunnel and back pain set in. Baby A broke her water and they were delivered at 36 weeks 6 days by c-section. Two healthy baby girls. I came down with a uterine infection a week after I went home from the hospital. I was hospitalized for four days with IV antibiotics and observation for possible (but not needed) blood transfusion due to hemorrhage. I’m 7.5 months out, definitely carrying most of the pregnancy weight around, but I am mostly back to my previous abilities.

Twin Pregnancy Stories That Are Different From the Norm

It was… different! After 3 singletons I sure was surprised to find out we were expecting twins. We live in a rural area which made delivery difficult: with a ‘normal’ pregnancy you have to leave town at 36 weeks to be close to the nearest hospital (270km away). That hospital was not equipped for twins so I had to relocate 600km away at 28 weeks. Our two older children stayed at home with their dad while he worked so they could go to school, while I had our 2-year-old with me. It was expensive and emotionally draining. Physically it was discovered early on I had hyperthyroidism, but it was controlled with medication. I experienced some back/leg nerve pain towards the end. At 35 weeks 5 days my water broke and I went on to deliver two perfectly healthy boys vaginally without drugs a few hours later. Luckily my husband was present, he’d joined us 2 days earlier.

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My twin pregnancy was miserable. I was sick for the first half and in pain for the second half. Labor and delivery, however, were perfect. Only 6 hours total and the first 3 were at home. They were born vaginally just how I’d imagined. They were 25 minutes apart and perfectly healthy.

I almost feel guilty saying it, but my pregnancy was picture perfect. No nausea, no back pain, minimal ankle swelling at the end. I never had to stop wearing my wedding rings. However, concerns for Baby B led to a complicated c-section at 35 weeks and he and I were in some danger for a little while. But we ended up with a beautiful and healthy 4lb 12oz girl and 3lb 1oz boy, with only a 2 week NICU stay to gain weight.

My pregnancy was scary. Mono-Mono twins. I went inpatient at 26 weeks, lots of monitoring, knots in the cords, a few scares, lots of time away from my other kids and family, finances were tight. I delivered at 34 weeks via c-section because I started contracting a day before my scheduled c-section. Babies spent 17 days in NICU. Recovery was tough. Now they are home, 6 weeks old, doing great, and the entire emotional journey was so beyond worth it to have these beautiful girls!

Great Twin Pregnancy Stories That Will Make You Hopeful

My pregnancy was great, I just felt tired a lot. The birth went well, I got to deliver both vaginally and with little medication. Three weeks after having the babies is when things went bad. I ended up back in the hospital with an infection in my uterus and other complications. Thankfully after a week’s stay in the hospital, everything was ok.

I had a relatively problem-free, enjoyable pregnancy and vaginal birth! Aside from being sick nearly the whole time and the last month on bed rest. I was induced at 37 weeks exactly. 8-hour labor and not very long pushing. 3 minutes apart and babies were happy and healthy, no special care needed. I’m so thankful for that! Now the healing, that was the worst part.

The babies were completely healthy the entire pregnancy besides baby A having some low fluid towards the end. I had some weird things go on such as crazy nosebleeds, swollen gums, carpal tunnel (wore braces), and extreme leg and foot swelling. The end was so uncomfortable. I gained 60 lbs (mostly fluid) but went completely back to normal 3 months or so after birth. No bed rests at all but I didn’t do much in the end. I had a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks as baby B was breech. I was happy they cooked the whole time but very glad to get the head out from under my ribs and the other one off of my bladder. Boys were born perfectly healthy and were both over 5 and a half pounds. We stayed in the hospital for 3 days.

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Are You a New Twin Parent?

Check out Natalie Diaz’s book:
What To Do When You’re Having Two
The Twin Survival Guide From Pregnancy Through the First Year

what to do when you're having two book

In What to Do When You’re Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year, national twins guru and founder of Twiniversity (and twin mom herself!) Natalie Diaz provides a no-holds-barred resource about life with twins, from pregnancy and birth all the way through your duo’s first year of life.

Accessible and informative, What to Do When You’re Having Two
 is the must-have manual for all parents of twins.


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