What’s the Best Triple Stroller For My Twins and Newborn Singleton?

triplet stroller

A MoM recently asked, “What is the best triple stroller to use with my 1-year old twin girls and newborn baby coming soon?”

Here's what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– I like my Joovy Big Caboose best. We added the rear seat to it and it worked out great for my twins and newborn to all fit into nicely! VDB

– I love the Child Craft Sport Triplet Stroller is what I have for my twins and singleton and really like it.  ZO

Valco Joey Seat along with the Valco Twin Tri-Mode stroller is what we used for my twins plus one! They’re 18 months apart, and after a ton of research, and this stroller and the added seat have been a lifesaver. And you can remove the third seat and use the stroller as a regular double stroller if you want. It is comfortable for all three and they all have plenty of room! There is also a universal glider board available that be used to stand on. This is a great option also! ME

What's the Best Triple Stroller?

triple stroller

– I just went through this search for my twins and singleton that are 18 months apart. The Valco Twin Tri-Mode with the added Joey Toddler Seat is what I really really wanted. But we are on a budget so we went with the Joovy Big Caboose. You can add a third seat where the bench is on the back. It's huge but it gets the job done.  HSB

– For short trips when my singleton was a little bigger and I didn't want to lug my large triplet stroller around, I used my Mercury Triplet stroller. Great for walking the neighborhood. Trying to fit in through doorways is a whole different story, it's very wide.  LA

– I have the Foundations Trio Sport stroller and I love it. I don't know what I would do without it! SMN

triple stroller

– We used the Peg Perego Piroet triplet stroller and it was awesome! My husband even agrees and has said it was his favorite stroller. It is really, truly great, it even has a steering wheel. The seats are interchangeable with car seats and I liked that I could have 2 of the seats face each other if I wanted. You can also use 2 of the stroller seats for your twins and an infant car seat for the newborn singleton. There are a lot of options with this stroller.  OBG

– For our triplets, we use a double Baby Jogger City Select we hacked into a triple buggy. We just added a third seat. And this is a great triplet buggy especially when you live in a city because it’s very compact. We warmly recommend this solution!  JL

triple stroller

The Joovy Big Caboose worked well for us but the total weight limit only holds 80 (and who would want to push a stroller that heavy anyway) but my twins at 18 months and our 3-year-old are already too heavy for us to use it.  TUO

– We decided to get a Foundations Quad Stroller so it wouldn’t be as long as a triplet, limousine style stroller. The 4th seat is perfect for bags, purses, etc.  KC

– I used my BabyBjorn baby carrier for my singleton and put the twins in my regular stroller for the first few months. Then I bought the Foundations Trio Sport stroller.

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What’s the Best Triple Stroller For My Twins and Newborn Singleton?

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