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twin birth story

Twiniversity is looking for twin birth stories to publish on our website. If you are interested in submitting an article about your twin birth story, complete the form at the link below and upload your article in a Word document and personal photos (JPG or PNG) we can use with it.

We need at least 5 good photos with at least 1 in landscape orientation (horizontal), but you can submit up to 10 photos. Please include: 1 photo of you holding your newborn twins and 1 photo of your twins together for the first time (both photos while in the hospital, if possible).

We also need your bio (goes at the end, written in the 3rd person about who you are) and a headshot or snapshot of your face.

Please follow this format in your article (use these as headings throughout your article):

– 1 paragraph introduction
– How I felt finding out “it’s twins”
– My pregnancy (in a nutshell)
– What happened on delivery day
– 3 things I wish I did differently
– 3 things I wouldn’t change for the world
– 1 item I was glad I packed in my hospital bag
– My best recovery tip
– Words of wisdom
– 1 paragraph conclusion

If your article is selected to be published we will contact you directly by email. Thank you in advance for your submission!

For questions, email

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