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forumsTop 10 Reasons to Join Twiniversity's Forums Today

(Written by actual members of Twiniversity)

  1. It's “a place to share and get advice from other parents who have multiples” -Sylvia S.
  2. Gives you the “ability to network with hundreds of other moms for advice, suggestions, resources, or just plain venting!” -Nancy P.
  3. “I live two hours from the nearest twin club so its nice to share and get advice from other moms without the drive! You have a network of mothers of multiples at your finger tips!” -Ashley S.
  4. “Peace of mind that everything that my girls do and ways that I feel are **totally** normal.” -Kim W.
  5. “Having a community of people that totally understand the things I go through on a day to day basis (and give the best advice when I ask for it!)” -Maureen S.
  6. “Not only peace of mind, but a sense of purpose knowing that you can help others by sharing your experiences and advice!” -Holly A.
  7. “With 4 kids I have no time to get out and join a MoM club. I feel like I am in the largest MoM club there is!” -Jennifer A.
  8. “Giveaways! 🙂 Some even twin-specific! :)” -Chelsea M.
  9. “It's the fastest growing online community JUST for parents of multiples” -Shelly R.
  10. “Where else can you get advice from THOUSANDS of MoM's in over 150 countries??” -Heidi M.

Forum Divisions

If our twin parent support network wasn't enough, we go one step further with special divisions of our forums including:

  • Families with Twins with Special Needs
  • Single Families with Multiples
  • Military Families with Multiples
  • The Triplet Connection – Exclusively for our triplet families
  • Dad Squared and Dad Cubed – Just for Dads
  • Same Sex Families with Multiples

What are you waiting for? Join today!