Twin Nursery Design and Decor Ideas for Twins

twin nursery design and decor ideas

Twin Nursery Design and Decor Ideas for Twins

twin nursery design and decor ideas

Having twins? One of the most fun parts of a twins pregnancy is creating a fun, warm, and functional twin nursery. You want to strike the ideal balance between your own personal style, what will fit in the room (two cribs take up a lot of space!), and how well the room will function for your needs when the babies are home. Scroll below for dozens of photos of real twin nurseries, submitted by our incredible Twiniversity Facebook community!

We recommend you plan for two cribs and set them up before the babies are born. Even if you want to start them sleeping in the same crib, then you’ll have the second ready to go in case your plans change. 

twin nursery design and decor ideas

Twin Nursery Design

Place your cribs at least 2 feet apart — the ends should not be touching if you can help it. We’ve heard reports from parents about one twin trying to climb over and getting stuck in between, so better safe than sorry. If the room is too small for this, consider buying mini cribs, or one full-size crib and one mini crib. 

You definitely need a baby changing station, whether it’s on top of a dresser or a separate changing table. Make sure to have a diaper basket or drawer that’s extra wide, enough to hold two different sizes of diapers if your twins have a weight discordance. Set up your changing station so everything you need is within arm’s reach — that way you won’t have to worry about walking away from the table in the middle of a diaper change. 

twin nursery design and decor ideas

Will you need a rocker? If you’re breastfeeding two babies, you may want to look into a chair and a half rocker to give you some extra space. With a traditional rocker you’ll only be able to nurse one baby at a time, but that will be happening a lot in the early weeks while your babies get better at nursing. If you can get a single rocker second hand for cheap, even better. Put your money into a wider rocker, futon, or loveseat to accommodate two babies at once. 

If you plan to use baby monitors, look into a set that includes two cameras so you can keep an eye on each baby. 

twin nursery design and decor ideas

Avoid hanging anything on or around the crib. Once your babies are standing those cords will become a health hazard. Opt for cordless window shades and place your monitor cameras far away from the cribs. 

Take the time now to babyproof the bedroom. Anchor all furniture to the wall, even lower dressers. You would be surprised what two one-year-olds can pull over when they work together! Hire a professional to help you babyproof every room in the house NOW — once the babies are here it will be the last thing on your mind, so just get it done and have peace of mind.

twin nursery design and decor ideas

A quick reminder on safe sleep — your babies should sleep on their backs in a crib with only a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. That’s it. No blankets, pillows, toys, bumpers (unless they are breathable), or anything else that could become a suffocation hazard. 

Click below for our twin nursery design and decor gallery!

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