Twins Baby Shower: Great Ideas for Themes, Food, and Decor!

twins baby shower

For those looking to host a twins baby shower (or for higher order multiples) we have put together a list of popular themes and some new and unique ones you may not have thought about! We’ve included a few ideas for decorations, food, drinks and favors. These are ALL gender neutral! For more multiples baby shower ideas visit us on Pinterest. Follow us, we are always adding new pins for our mom’s of twins!

Twins Baby Shower: Great Ideas for Themes, Food, and Decor!

I love this invitation by Gourmet Invitations

Two Peas in a Pod

This is a very popular theme that can work for however many multiples are expected. How many peas can fit in a pod? This works for higher order multiples too! (Check out this cute quad pod cake!)

Decorations: Fill candy dishes with Kiwi flavor Jelly Belly for a cute and yummy “pea” table piece. You can also you use peas as a vase filler as seen here at Hostess Jo. (A slender vase with flowers is inside the wide vase filled with peas.)

Food: Pea salad of course!sweet peas triplet baby shower

Drink: I would not suggest you make a pea Just serve something yummy!

Favor: Sweet Pea scented hand sanitizer or lotions from Bath and Body Works would be a crowd pleaser!

pear twin baby showerA Perfect “Pear”

This theme’s play on words is adorable for a twin baby shower.

Decorations: There is a lot you can do with pears themselves. A simple chic decoration would to place pears on square white plates as table centerpiece. Tie ribbons on their long stems to dress them up!

pear tea infuserFood: Pears are a versatile food that can be paired with (pun intended) cheese and crackers, tossed in dips and salads, or be made into pies!

Drink: Sparkling Pear from IKEA. I love the chic cans!

Favor: I love these pear tea infusers for a unique gift. You can also find loads of pear candles and other favors.

Full House 

quadruplets baby showerThis theme is the most original that I found and I am just dying to use it! I found this genius idea at Oh Baby! Custom Shower Decor Blog. This theme could work if you are expecting triplets, adding twins to your family of 3 or if you are expecting quints! Or if quads are expected, you can do a “4 of a kind” play on this theme!

Decorations: Lots of playing cards!! String them with fishing line to make banners, wrap them around rolled napkins, and so much more! Make sure to have decks on quad baby showerthe table for your guests to play! Go to the blog to find more ideas on decorating, food and favors! It’s too awesome to put into words, you just have to see it! If you do this for your shower PLEASE share the photos! I would love to see this done for a multiples baby shower!

Cakes: I ran across this 4 of a kind cake set for a mother expecting quads. Something like this would be great with this theme!

twin baby showerMonkey See, Monkey Do!

Any parent of twins will tell you how true this statement is! What one twin sees the other do, he has to do it too! This is a cute twin spin on the monkey theme that is popular today.

Decorations: Monkeys and bananas of course! For table centerpieces use monkey grass is cute pots!

twin baby showerFood: Bananas, banana chips, banana nuts, banana bread, monkey bread, And to top it off have a banana split bar!!

Drink: Coffee to go with monkey bread and a strawberry drink would be nicely paired with banana flavored foods.

Favors: Package banana candies to thank the guests for “swinging” by!

twin baby shower Dr. Seuss thing one Thing twoThing One and Thing Two

These Dr. Seuss characters are known for getting into a lot of mischief… much like twins often do. You can have SO much fun with this theme. Just let your creative and wacky side come out! You can add on Thing Three for triplets.

Decorations: Use the colors red, blue, whites and black. Sunny by Design blog has more  ideas and free printables you can use!

twin baby shower thing one thing two dr. seussFood: Red velvet cup cakes with blue frosting. Blue cotton candy. More Dr. Seuss related food – Fish in a dish (goldfish crackers) and Green eggs and ham, peppermint candy canes.

Drink: Ice blue punch.

Favors: See the free printable I mentioned above to make a cute tag for cookie favors. Dine more items here.

noah's ark cake twin baby showerNoah’s Ark

Animals went two by two on the ark, then there was a “shower.”

Decorations: Stuffed animals in twos, Rain drops cut out of paper, rainbows with streamers and ribbons. Remember the rainbow as Noah exited the ark? Why not make it a “double rainbow?”…. lol (what does it mean?)

Foodtwins baby shower: Animal crackers, Little Debbie Zebra cakes, Rainbow Sherbet.

Drink: Buy clear punch cups and several different color of punch. Fill the cups and set on a table for a colorful rainbow display of drinks!

Favor: I love this adorable idea of umbrellas for all the guests! These umbrellas can be found here. Or you can package skittles candies for your guest to take some rainbow for the road.

cupcakes nest triplets or multiples baby shower Birds Nest 

This is a darling shabby chic theme to welcome the babies to their nest. Just add the number of eggs to your decor that the mother is expecting!

Decorations: Bird house decor, Painted eggs, and birds.

nest ornimentsFood: Jordan almonds , jelly beans, Easter candy in the shape of an egg, peeps, stick wafers, pretzel sicks, sunflower seeds. And you have to make these adorable nest cupcakes. Find the recipe at The celebration shoppe blog.

Drink: Your favorite drink

Favors: These bird’s nest ornaments I found on Etsy (BellaMiaDesign) would be an adorable take home gift for guests!

double the fun twin baby showerDouble the Fun

This is a spin off of Wrigley’s Doublemint gum.

Decorations: yellow and green anything

Food: Double Decker sandwiches, double stuff Oreo’s, double chocolate cake, “2” pigs in a blanket, twinkies

Drink: lemon and lime-aid

Favor: I love this idea from eyelet&Icecream blog for cute favor bags with Doublemint gum and green and yellow M&M’s

Expecting Twins? Click here!

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