39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

What can you expect at 39 weeks pregnant with twins? If you’ve made it this far, your doctor must feel that it’s safe to continue being pregnant. The best thing you can do is find ways to occupy your time until the twins arrive. Catch up on Netflix, read a good book, fill out your pregnancy journal, and just CHILL. Your twins will be here any minute now!

39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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38 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

40 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

twin pregnancy week by week emails

what's going on
What’s going on with those twinnies?

Your twins’ brains are growing really quickly. That speedy rate of growth will continue for the first three years of life. You’ll be able to notice small changes in your twins on almost a daily basis.

to do list

39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Plan different routes to the hospital based on time of day and traffic. Figure out the drop off location (hint: it’s probably at Labor & Delivery), if there will be a valet attendant there, and where you need to park if there isn’t valet. Find out if the Labor & Delivery entrance is closed in the middle of the night — you may need to arrive through the ER if it’s too late at night.

Keep your feet up most of the day. Swelling can be a problem now.

Stock your fridge with good food that’s not too perishable. You don’t want to come home from the hospital with a week’s worth of rotten vegetables and fruit to clean out.

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5 pregnancy tips

5 tips for a better 39th week of your twin pregnancy

Eat small, frequent meals to avoid more heartburn and feeling too bloated.

Just lay in bed and have your spouse bring you things. Walkie talkies help!

Try to sleep as much as possible.

Watch all the Netflix!

Write a letter to your babies about how excited you are to meet them.

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twin pregnancy advice

Advice from other Twiniversity moms when they were 39 weeks pregnant with twins

I was induced at 39 weeks. 8 lbs 5 oz and 7 lbs 3 oz. At this point I had a circle the size of a dinner plate around my belly button that was totally numb. By the end I could walk but I couldn’t stand still for fear of tipping over. – Sara M.

I was 39 weeks when they were born. Their weights were 6’12 and 6’14. I felt great but tired. I was induced. – Bridgette G.

I delivered at 39 weeks and 4 days. Baby A was 8.6 lbs and baby B was 7.10 lbs. – Jessica A.

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twin pregnancy concerns

Concerns other Twiniversity moms had when they were 39 weeks pregnant with twins

Everything hurts.

I can’t sleep for more than an hour before having to get up to pee or get into a new position.

It’s really hard to get out of bed because I’m as big as a whale.

I can’t pick up anything off the floor — thank God I bought that grabber!

My skin itches so bad and I can’t wait to get these babies out of me!!!

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doctor questions

Questions Twiniversity moms had for their doctors when they were 39 weeks pregnant with twins

This is insane, right?

Can you take them out now? Please??

No, really, when can I schedule an induction?

Typical tests that are done 

It is common to have weekly nonstress testing (NST) with fluid assessments starting at 32 weeks in an uncomplicated twin gestation. As your pregnancy progresses you will likely be scheduled more and more frequently, building to every 1-2 days as you get closer to full term. A nonstress test is used to evaluate your babies’ health before birth. The goal of a nonstress test is to provide useful information about your babies’ oxygen supply by checking their heart rates and how it responds to your babies’ movements. The test might indicate the need for further monitoring, testing, treatment or delivery. A nonstress test typically requires no special preparation. During the nonstress test, you’ll lie on a reclining chair. You’ll have your blood pressure taken at regular intervals during the test and each baby will be monitored while you relax in a recliner for 20 minutes, playing on your phone or reading a book.

If you are having a c-section you may be tested for MRSA. MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It is a type of staph infection. Even if a pregnant woman contracts MRSA in her pregnancy, it’s easy to treat. Antibiotics will cure most cases, and they’re safe for a developing baby to be exposed to. A baby will only get the infection if he comes into contact with it through vaginal delivery. Many women must be screened for MRSA when they need a C-section because hospitals must screen every surgery patient for the infection prior to the operation. To perform the screening, a nasal swab is collected by rotating a swab inside each nostril. Occasionally, a swab of a wound infection site or skin lesion is collected.

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39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins
what to do when you're having two

An excerpt from Twiniversity founder Natalie Diaz’s book, “What To Do When You’re Having Two

Take Your Meds

I don’t care if you’re someone who can get a root canal without Novocain, you should really take your prescribed medications after delivery.  Those meds will help you get out of bed quicker, and the quicker you get out of bed, the sooner you can get out of the hospital and go home with your babies.  While we’re on the subject, make sure you do get out of bed as soon as possible.  Tell your nurse, “As soon as I can, I’d like to get up.”  If you need help, ask for help.  If you need to press the call button seventeen times, do it.

8 weeks pregnant with twins

REMINDER: Don’t forget to take a belly shot!

39 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Belly Shots

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twin pregnancy week by week emails


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38 weeks pregnant with twins