34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

34 weeks pregnant with twins

34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

What can you expect at 34 weeks pregnant with twins? We’ve compiled a list of common symptoms, to-do’s this week, pregnancy tips, pregnancy concerns, questions to ask your doctor, advice from other pregnant moms of twins, and tons of other info below to help you through this week in your twin pregnancy. Enjoy!

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twin pregnancy week by week emails

what's going on
What’s going on with those twinnies?

Median weight for dichorionic twins: 5lbs, 1oz

Median weight for monochorionic twins: 4lbs, 13oz

Your twins’ central nervous systems are developing, as are their lungs. Twins born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems typically do well in the long run.

to do list

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34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Childproof your home. It’s so much easier to do this before they arrive. You can hire a professional baby-proofer to do all the big jobs like anchoring furniture. Here’s some tips on childproofing.

Stock up on newborn diapers and wipes. You’ll go through 150 diapers and 600 wipes per week with twins in the early weeks.

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5 pregnancy tips

5 tips for a better 34th week of your twin pregnancy

Don’t feel guilty about taking your time

Finish your nursery now before you’re too big, too tired, too whatever!

Elevate your feet above your heart when you sit or lay down to reduce swelling in your legs

Delegate, delegate, delegate! Assign last-minute to-dos to willing family and friends.

If you’re still working, see if your workplace has a cot you can lie down on during your lunch break.

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twin pregnancy advice

Advice from other Twiniversity moms when they were 34 weeks pregnant with twins

Be kind to yourself. Be lazy. Let your husband wait on you. Ask for help if you need it. – Kendra M., Hopkins, MN

It’s okay to feel scared, stressed, overwhelmed. Get your support system together and ask for some help! – Sara L., Conneaut, OH

Hang in there! You are almost done! Check your rings. Mine just started getting tight this week and now I need to wrench them off. Find comfy sweatpants and buy TWO pairs! You will never want to give them up to wash them. – Lee-Ann W., Cranston, RI

I am not one to rest much but boy have I needed it this last week or so. Forcing myself to stay in bed has been a huge help. – Michelle H., Jersey City, NJ

It’s OK to let go of control and allow others to take on last-minute items on the to-do list. Please take this time to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs…you’ve come a long way. – Carol M., Bowie, MD

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twin pregnancy concerns

Concerns other Twiniversity moms had when they were 34 weeks pregnant with twins

Water breaking while I’m out of the house

Weight gain and having to lose weight after birth

Being a MOM of TWO babies!

Will my babies need NICU time?

Will baby A ever flip to vertex?

I am concerned/nervous about not knowing when they will come. Every strange twinge, every Braxton-Hicks contraction puts me on edge in case it means they are on the way!

I’m concerned about going into labor at work (I teach high school English!) or during a snowstorm.

Wondering when I’ll go into labor too and what I’ll do with my singleton if it’s the middle of the night!

Just concerned I will have to have a c-section when I really would love to have a natural birth.  

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doctor questions

Questions Twiniversity moms had for their doctors when they were 34 weeks pregnant with twins

How close do you think I am to delivery?

Do they look good?  

What position are they in?  

Are they growing well?

Will I be able to deliver vaginally or need a C section?

If I go past 38 weeks, when will I be induced?

How long will c-section recovery be?

Does the hospital require continuous monitoring during a vaginal birth?

How to prevent hemorrhoids from getting worse during delivery?

Would orgasm cause me to go into labor?  

When will I know I am experiencing real contractions vs. BH?  

Is it OK to drink wine to calm down the uterus?

What can I do for the itchy skin all over my body?

Typical tests that are done 

It is common to have weekly nonstress testing (NST) with fluid assessments starting at 32 weeks in an uncomplicated twin gestation. As your pregnancy progresses you will likely be scheduled more and more frequently, building to every 1-2 days as you get closer to full term. A nonstress test is used to evaluate your babies’ health before birth. The goal of a nonstress test is to provide useful information about your babies’ oxygen supply by checking their heart rates and how it responds to your babies’ movements. The test might indicate the need for further monitoring, testing, treatment or delivery. A nonstress test typically requires no special preparation. During the nonstress test, you’ll lie on a reclining chair. You’ll have your blood pressure taken at regular intervals during the test and each baby will be monitored while you relax in a recliner for 20 minutes, playing on your phone or reading a book.

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34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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what to do when you're having two

An excerpt from Twiniversity founder Natalie Diaz’s book, “What To Do When You’re Having Two

what to do when you're having two

Some moms feel slighted that they didn’t have the vaginal delivery that they were dreaming about. If you feel this way, talk it out. Talk to your partner, your doctors, or even the nurses. Know that you are not alone.    

We polled our Twiniversity families and the Top 5 Things That Surprised them during their C-section were:

  1. How fast it was.
  2. Moms who had previous natural births were surprised how much less it hurt.
  3. How numb the incision site would still be (some, years after)
  4. The shaking from the pain medication
  5. The razor burn afterwards (you are prepped for surgery by getting a free bikini trim).
8 weeks pregnant with twins

REMINDER: Don’t forget to take a belly shot!

34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Belly Shots

Ultrasound Pics

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twin pregnancy week by week emails


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34 weeks pregnant with twins