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Twins Baby Registry Checklist: What You Will Need for Your Twins

Twins Baby Registry Checklist: What You Will Need for Your Twins

Last updated on February 22nd, 2024 at 03:57 pm

This twins baby registry checklist will help you determine what you will need for your twins. Because despite expecting two, you won’t necessarily need double of everything. Of course, that might sound confusing. After all, if you don’t need two of everything, why even have a twins baby registry?

No fear, Twiniversity is here! We’ve put together a list of twin baby registry checklist you will want to put on your baby registry.

Where Do I Start With My Twins Baby Registry?

As a first-time mom, the first thing I purchased was an outfit to bring baby home in. I learned quickly that clothing would be the least of my worries. The second time around with the twins, I purchased an infant car seat first! I learned with my first baby shower, if you invite people, the outfits will come (in abundance)! A second car seat felt like the right first purchase. After all, you will eventually want to bring the babies home and without a car seat, the hospital will not let you leave. And it’s definitely a top priority in your twins baby registry checklist!

Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Car Seat, Spark

Infant Car Seats

You will definitely need two car seats. Thankfully, I still had my singleton infant car seat and it still had two years before expiration. Therefore, I only had to buy one more car seat. Unless you have a similar situation, car seats are one of the BUY NEW only items. I knew the used car seats’ condition, and that it was accident-free so I felt very comfortable with reusing it. Don’t risk your child’s safety to save a few bucks! 

Car Seat Accessories

You have the car seat, so you’re done with car travel, right? Nope, not quite. There are a few things you will want to add to your twins’ baby registry checklist to make car rides a bit smoother for you and your twinnies.

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Clip on Car Seat Toys

For the sake of your sanity while in the car, give the babies something to look at and play with. Opt for something that lights up, makes sounds, and clips on easily (this way it becomes a stroller accessory too). Whatever you choose, be sure the accessory does not interfere with the safety of the car seat.

Headrest Mirrors

This helps solve the “who is crying” game us twin parents play every time we are in the driver’s seat. This might seem like a frivolous thing to add to your twins baby registry checklist, but trust us, it will help! After all, your babies will be rear-facing for at least two years, so you will get your money’s worth. Safety first always, so make sure these are installed correctly and securely, as they can become a projectile in a crash.

Leo&Ella Small Baby Car Mirror Safety First, Certified Crash Tested for Rear Facing Baby Car Seat Shatterproof Mirror with Adjustable Safety Mount Crystal Clear View of Newborn


Comfortable babies make much better road trip participants. Hot sun in your eyes and glare can be quite uncomfortable. If your car doesn’t have built-in car shades, invest in some. You can buy many different types; cling on, retractable, suction cup and in plenty of sizes to keep the babies shaded.

Extra Bases

With twins, ease and convenience are a very big deal. Four car seat bases were on my no-compromise list (two in my car and two in my husband’s car). Due to work schedules, I usually drop the twins off, but my husband usually picks them up. One-click and done, no matter what vehicle we were driving. Twins were quickly and safely installed, and mom didn’t have to brave the weather longer than necessary. 

Now you have what you need to drive safely with the babies in the car, but what if you intend to get out of the car at some point?

Twin babies sleeping next to each other, wearing long sleeve onesies with a swaddle draped over their legs. Baby on the right is smiling. Caption says 'if i don't need two of everything, what do i need for a twins baby registry?'
If I don’t need two of everything, what do I need for a twins baby registry?

Twin Strollers to Put On Your Twins Baby Registry List

The decision on what kind of stroller to buy; tandem, side-by-side, or jogger will depend on where you live; house/apartment, where you plan on taking the stroller, and where you store it: car vs. garage.

Double Frame Stroller

A double frame stroller is a great first stroller. These are lightweight and used solely to cart around the twins while still in their car seats. The double frame stroller allows you to “click” (some models must be strapped) your infant car seat to the frame and away you go.

Full-Size Double Stroller

Once your babies outgrow their infant car seats, it will be time to invest in a full-size double stroller. Some of these are tandems and some are side-by-side strollers. Consider your lifestyle to make the best choice. If you plan on actually getting a workout, pick one that’s durable and easy to push. If mass transit and travel are a regular occurrence, choose one that is lightweight and easily collapsible.

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Baby Holders for Your Twins Registry Checklist

Sometimes you just need the use of both your hands! To assist in this, baby holders are a must-have!

Twin Carriers

From wraps to structured carriers, twin baby carriers are great for wearing while grocery shopping, cleaning, or just soothing two fussy babies. Make sure to do your research so you can add your favorites to your twins baby registry checklist.

Bouncer Chairs

Bouncer chairs are great to use for feeding, soothing, and entertaining infants. They are portable and inexpensive. Plus they usually come with a vibration setting and an activity bar to keep baby comfortable and happy.

Bright Starts Portable Baby Bouncer Soothing Vibrations Infant Seat with Removable -Toy Bar, 0-6 Months 6-20 lbs (Playful Pinwheels)

Baby Swings

Baby swings are designed to swing back and forth and play sounds, giving infants a relaxing ride while having some visual stimulation too. Swings take up a lot of space and are often not portable so be mindful of space when adding these to your twins baby registry.

Bath Time Items for Twins Baby Registry

Bathing infant twins is done one at a time, so one baby bath is enough. When they outgrow the baby bath, two bathing seats are handy in keeping the twins upright and safe. Bathing seats are not absolutely necessary, but had they been an option when my twins were babies, I definitely would have invested in them! 

When it comes to washcloths and hooded towels you will want at least 3 for each twin. This should be enough to get you through the week. 

No need to get multiple soaps, shampoos or other toiletries. You will likely get plenty of these at your shower regardless if you register for it or not.

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Sleep Must-Haves for Twins Baby Registry Checklist

When it comes to sleep, there are quite a few must-haves for your twins’ registry.


Swaddle blankets, lots and lots of swaddle blankets. Babies love to be swaddled. It reminds them of being in the womb and provides comfort and security.

Sleep Sack

Once the babies are about to roll over, it’s time they graduate from the swaddle to the sleep sack. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that keep baby warm without the safety hazard of an actual blanket.

Twin Baby Bassinet

The AAP recommends infants share a parent’s room for at least six months to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). A twin bassinet is a great way to keep the babies in your room without feeling claustrophobic. They are smaller and more compact, easily mobile, and made for room sharing.


When shopping for two cribs, skip the large convertible cribs, and choose a simple crib or even a mini crib. Look for cribs with low, even sides. This will give you more placement options in the nursery.

White crib in nursery with mint green walls and windows on each side of the crib.
Choose a mini crib when shopping for two cribs

Crib Sheets

I had two sets of crib sheets and waterproof mattress covers for each twin, with one extra set as a backup to the backup. This was plenty for us. Crib sheets are a pain to change, especially times 2! Quick-Zip Crib sheets help with this. The top sheet zips onto the base, so when you need to change it you just unzip, throw it in the wash, and zip on a new sheet!

White-Noise Machine

White-noise machines create a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms infants, and encourages them to stop crying. They can help your baby fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer. Therefore, with consistent use, a sound machine will become a cue to your babies that it’s time for sleep. In addition, as a bonus, they help drown out loud neighbors, cars, sirens… other noises such as siblings.

Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine for Adults, Baby, Office or Travel, 29 Soothing Sounds with Rain, Womb, Lullaby, Natural Fan, Waves, and Birds, Portable Sleeping Aid with Night Lights

Baby Video Monitor

In addition to the above items, another thing you’ll want on your twins baby registry checklist is a baby monitor. Baby monitors are less about the comfort of the babies and more about the comfort of the parents! With twins, you’ll want a video monitor. When deciding on a video monitor, you will want to consider a two cameras (one on each infant) model with pan and tilt capability and one parent monitor with two-way talk back. Plus, once the twins are old enough to sleep in their room, this will be invaluable to your sleep.

Diapering Items for Your Baby Registry

Regardless if you choose cloth or disposable, twins go through a lot of diapers. When registering for diapers, be cautious with preemie and newborn diapers. However, twins seem to stay in these sizes longer than most singletons, so register for small packages. Size 1 and up, go crazy. Register for the bulk size and put twenty of them on your twin baby registry!

You can never have too many baby wipes. Even with 5 years old twins, I have baby wipes on me at all times! You will use them for more than just wiping bums! 

When it comes to small toiletries such as baby oil, diaper rash cream and baby lotion, register for multiple. This way you always have one when you need it. Keep one of each in the nursery, the diaper bag and wherever you spend the most time with your babies. Don’t waste time running around looking for the one tube of diaper cream, make changing twins smarter, not harder!

Feeding Time Items for Your Twins Registry Checklist

No matter how you plan to feed your twins (nursing, pumping, or formula) you are going to need a lot of baby bottles.

Twin Nursing Pillow

If you are nursing or bottle feeding, a twin nursing pillow is very handy. Nursing two babies at the same time is not an easy task (in my experience, nursing one baby is also not a walk in the park) so if you can help yourself to be more comfortable and feel supported while wrangling two wiggly babies to the boob, do it. If nursing isn’t for you or if it’s just dad’s turn to do the feeding, a twin nursing pillow is still very useful when bottle feeding two babies at the same time.

Twin Z Pillow The 6 uses in 1 Twin Pillow ! Grey Plus Free Travel Bag!


Sometimes breastfeeding twins just doesn’t work out. You can choose to formula feed or you can pump and bottle feed your babies breast milk. If choosing to pump, you will need a breast pump. There are lots of options, many of which your health insurance will cover. If you have the means, buying (or renting) a hospital-grade breast pump would be my choice! A hospital-grade pump is very strong, and great at helping establish your supply, especially with twins.

Pumping Accessories

First, you will want a good size bag to keep all your pumping supplies in (washable in case of leakage), especially if you plan on pumping at work or just on the go. 

Next, you’ll want a second set of connectors, valves, and membranes for your specific type of pump. You don’t want something as small as a broken suction tube keeping you from feeding your babies.

Once you get the milk, you will need breast milk storage bags for storing the milk until needed. (Helpful hint, be sure to include a permanent marker in your bag for writing the date on the bag of milk.) You will also want a cooler bag with an ice pack to keep the milk cold until you can get home and use it or freeze it. 

For cleaning all your pumping accessories, microwave steam sterilizing bags are fast and effective. Pumping can cause discomfort, you will want some nipple cream (I applied after every pumping session) and some nursing pads, to keep you dry and your shirt free of nipple wet spots!

Make sure to add a good breast pump to your twins baby registry checklist
A hospital-grade pump will help establish your milk supply

Bottle Feeding

If formula feeding is your choice, the first thing you will need is a bottle. Lots and lots of baby bottles. 16 bottles is the minimum I would recommend, but more bottles mean less washing each day. 

You will need a bottle brush (or two) for scrubbing all those bottles and nipples, plus you will want a bottle drying rack. Seems like an accessory you can do without, but trust me, the bottles dry faster on a rack, instead of a towel on the counter.

If I could recommend only one product to formula feeding twin moms, it would be an automatic formula maker! These take the guesswork out of mixing bottles. When it comes to night feeding, you will be grateful that all you need to do is push a button to feed your babies instead of Jr. High science class with beaker measurements and mixing the powder into water.

Clothing for Twins

You will definitely need double the amount of clothes for twins. Register for a variety of items: pajamas (footed are preferred), onesies (you will never have too many), cotton pants, and socks (skip the shoes, you’ll probably lose one anyway). Think comfortable, washable, and easy to take on/off.

Twins Baby Registry Checklist: What You Will Need for Your Twins
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Playtime Items

For playtime, get gear that can be shared by both twins. You do not need two of every toy. Learning to share is a life skill, one that can not be taught too early! For 0 to 6 months, my twins loved their playmat. We opted for one that had lights and sounds, and we would lay one or both on it multiple times a day (great for tummy time too). Interactive toys are great for 3 to 12 months. Again, no need to buy two play saucers, and two walkers, one of each, or just pick one and alternate turns.

a playmat with mobile for your twins baby registry
Choose a playmat that is big enough for both babies

Other Miscellaneous Items to Add to Your Twins Baby Registry Checklist

There are plenty of odds and ends someone might want to purchase for you and your twinnies. Think outside the box a bit with some of these items.

Diaper Bag

Consider buying either a crossbody or backpack-style diaper bag. Both of these will leave you hands-free for carrying 2 car seats or pushing a double stroller.


You will want two of these. And you will be glad you have them the first time your babies get a cold!


Buy these in bulk, as soon as your babies have decided which type they enjoy. Pacifiers were a necessity to me (and to my babies once I convinced them). All my babies were very big soothers via sucking, if I allowed them, they would have spent 18 hours a day attached to my boob! You can not have too many pacifiers, you WILL  lose and misplace them and you want to make sure you have one when you need it!

Closeup picture of a round pacifier with teal base and yellow handle
You can’t have too many pacifiers. Once you find the one your babies prefer, buy them in bulk!

Registry Items to Skip When you Have Twins

This list is just our overall twin mom perspective. There may be legitimate reasons you might leave these items off your list. There also might be legitimate reasons why these items might make your list of must-have items for twins.

  • Wipes Warmer (many moms say skip this, but others love them.)
  • Anything extra in the crib, including bedding, flat sheets, pillows, bumpers (unless they are breathable bumpers), soft toys, baby positioners (such as the DockATot) or wedges. These are suffocation hazards for babies. The only things in the crib should be a mattress that fits snuggly to the crib (no gaps) and a firmly fitted crib sheet. Pacifiers are also OK!need for twin
  • Glider or Rocker – It’s just not big enough to hold both babies in. Personally, I used a full-sized recliner, the 3 of us still snuggle in it while reading stories.

What would you add to our list of things you need for twins? Have you found a helpful baby product you used with your multiples that you would suggest?

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